Distilled Spirits: Gin, Brandy and Others

Distilled Spirits or hard spirits/liquors include, apart from whiskey and vodka, rum, gin, brandy, tequila as well as liqueurs or cordials (when bottled with sugar or flavorings added to them they are called liqueurs though a strict distinction of terms is not generally found). These liquors have 20% or more alcohol by volume, or a/v, and are the distilled products of alcoholic fermentation like wine; it follows that fermented alcoholic beverages like wine or beer have 20% or less alcohol because fermentation processes cease when alcohol is over that mark. Distilling the fermented alcoholic mash to purify it makes distilled or hard liquor. Buy moonshine still to distill and produce your favorite beverage, which may be any of the below:

Gin: There are various ways to produce gin, including distillation with main ingredients, redistilling the product of distillation, or mixing with neutral spirits after distillation. The main flavor that characterizes gin comes from juniper berries; the fermented mash of juniper berries or like ingredients and/or aromatics is to be distilled to produce gin. It may be distilled from ingredients extracted from infused, percolated or macerated juniper berries or similar aromatics and/or ingredients, and may be redistilled after distillation. After distillation it may be mixed with neutral spirits, instead of being redistilled, to produce a certain type of gin. Whatever method it takes its flavor will be strongly characteristic of juniper berries and when bottled, will have 40% or over a/v.

Brandy: Fermented mash or juice may be used to distill to produce brandy. It has its distinct taste and aroma, and generally very fruity. It is distilled at 95% a/v or less and bottled at 40% a/v or above. A famous type of brandy is Cognac, produced in the French region of that name; it is distilled from grapes. Fruit brandy is distilled from a fermented mash or juice of ripe fruit; the fruits must be ripe and in whole, and can range from grapes, citrus fruits or others. It has to be aged in an oak container for two years or longer to be mature. The lees of grapes or other fruit wines can be used to distill lees brandy, and grappa or pomace brandy is produced from the skin and pulp of grapes or other fruits, after removing their juice or wine. You can also get neutral brandy, which is distilled at 85% a/v or above.

Rum: When sugar cane and related products are fermented and used to produce a distilled beverage, it is known as rum. The possible ingredients are sugar cane juice, sugar cane molasses, sugar cane syrup and other by-products. The distillate produced from these ingredients has the aroma and taste usually associated with rum. There are instances of other flavorings that go well with the taste and scent of sugar cane, some of which cases may be liqueurs.

Tequila: The Agave Tequilana Weber is the ingredient used to distill tequila; the fermented mash of this ingredient, specifically the blue type, is distilled into tequila, and is not mixed with additional substances. It is produced in Mexico.

Liqueurs and Cordials: Redistilling or mixing the distilled alcoholic beverages with flowers or fruits among other ingredients produces liqueurs and cordials.

Brand New or Second Hand Office Chair: Which is Right for You?

Every business will have this time when they have to get additional chairs for the office. Often, those are the times when businesses are on a limited budget.  Thus, they have to look and get cheap office chairs without the need to settle for something that is of lesser quality. But most of the time, this criteria are not being followed and need to make major adjustments. Buying a single ergonomic office chair can be expensive already and what more if a business buys bulks orders of office chairs for the entire office. When a business wants to purchase office chairs at a very reasonable price, they should decide whether to buy a new office chair or purchase a used one.


Buying a brand new office chair from http://www.desks-etc.co.uk/desks_en/office-chair-buying-guide.html – office chair guide means that you will be able to have many options from choosing the type of upholstery to the color of the chair. You are also guaranteed that the office chairs you will be purchasing come with a warranty. In the event that you will see manufacturers defect on the chairs, you can be able to have them replaced or fixed without any charge. Purchasing brand new office chairs will also assure you that you can be able to use them instantly upon purchase regardless of the number of chairs that you will be buying. On the other hand, buying brand new pieces of office furniture means that you have to spend more as they tend to be more expensive compared with second-hand office furniture. This can be a problem for businesses that are on a tight budget.


Meanwhile, one of the main advantages of buying a second hand or used chair for the office is the cost that you will be able to save. Since used office chairs have already been utilized by their previous owners, thrift or second hand furniture retailers will sell them at a much lower price compared to their original cost for them to be sold again. Sellers carefully check these used office chairs to make sure that they do not have defects and that they can be repurchased by new clients. If you gather some information about used office chairs, you will find that these furniture pieces have been used for a short period of time only or slightly utilized. While buying used office furniture can save you quite a fortune, you will not be able to get a warranty for the product nor can you be able to return it again.


Regardless if your business want to buy a used or brand new chairs for the office, it is extremely advisable to make a thorough research regarding the type of office chair that your business wants to purchase. Find sufficient information regarding the warranty of the office chair and if you are planning to buy bulk orders, you can inquire the furniture retailer to see if a discount can be provided to you. Regardless if the chair is new or used, don’t settle for one that you think will not fit your office or business requirements. Brand new and second hand office chairs have their own pros and cons and it is for you to choose the right office chairs that will give you the most benefits in the long run.


Rifle Scope vs. Hunting Scope

Although many people may refer to them as the same thing and hunting scopes are rifle scopes, there are in fact many more types of rifle scope that are not suitable as hunting scopes Actually there is no one genre referred to as hunting rifle scopes as the best scope for a hunter, is very much determined by the hunter for his unique requirements. Therefore rifle scopes are broken down into three types, the sniper rifle scope, the laser range finding scope and the compact scope and of these the compact scope is the type that is mainly used by hunters.

The sniper scope is large and can be accurate to extremely long ranges, often beyond those needed by a hunter. A laser range finding scope is only practical when the shooter has time to verify the distance before shooting, which is seldom the case with a hunter. As these two types of scope have little or any use to a hunter because of their qualities are larger and heavier than some other scopes, they are usually ignored by hunters when they are looking for a suitable scope for their rifle. The compact scope though, is one that the hunters pay special attention to. These compact scopes, although still accurate to a reasonable range, are specially designed to be smaller and therefore less cumbersome or weighty than other types of scope. As weight and size of a rifle scope are of particular concern to the hunter, this is the type that hunters often choose.

Although a hunter may have decided that a compact rifle scope is the best suited to his needs, there are still many different ones to choose from and so for best hunting scope information to help them decide which one to buy, they can perhaps look at some hunting rifle scope revues that identify the pros and cons of many of them. Some for instance may come complete with night sight which, is of course very useful or hunting at night, but a waste of time and money for those hunters that solely hunt during the day. Another example would be a scope that may come with variable magnification which again is useful but, if a hunter thinks that they would rarely use the adjustability of the scope, it is extra needless weight.

So although a hunter may be looking for a light, less technical scope, it doesn’t mean that there are still only a few choices. Decisions still have to be made as to the diameter of the tube, the range of vision offered by the scope, the type of eyepiece and the finish to the scope. The price of scopes can also sometimes be deceptive as, even the best scope makers like Nikon and Leupold, whose names can be trusted for the production of goo scopes, also have relatively cheap models available but a hunter should ensure that whatever he pays, he is not paying for something he doesn’t need as that just adds weight to load.